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, millions of americans are already benefitting, and they're benefits that are not tied to healthcare.gov. so madam secretary, let's clarify what's working despite healthcare.gov. is it correct to say that many of the improvements that the aca makes to employer coverage and to medicare where the vast majority of americans receive their coverage are not dependent on healthcare.gov? >> that's correct. >> so the delays and problems with healthcare.gov do not affect the millions of individuals thanks to the aca who no longer have to worry about lifetime monetary caps on their coverage that previously seventh them to bankruptcy? >> that's absolutely true. i think the quote that the president was quoted recently saying, if you have health care, you can -- you don't have to sign up for the new marketplace, was referring to the large portion, the 95% of insured americans whose plans are solid, stay in place, and move forward. >> i understand the frustration with the website. what i don't understand is why people are not similarly outraged by the lack of medicaid coverage in many of our states. do you
responsible for healthcare.gov rollout became the first obama administration official to testify before congress. until today tavenner had largely avoided scrutiny from republicans who have instead preferred to train their fire on her boss kathleen sebelius. >> i understand you're not publicly releasing those numbers but i'm asking, do you have any idea of on a weekly basis how many people enrolled in how do you not know how many people have enrolled? >> we'll have those numbers available mid november. >> while the sniping over the website persists in committee, republican leadership is out with a new message. we're over the website. >> the problem with obama care isn't just the website, it's the whole law. >> the bottom line is the problems with obama care run deeper than just the website. >> the problems go well beyond a flopped website. >> it is clear obama care and flaws are much more than the website. the website is the tip of the iceberg. >> this week republicans smelled blood in president obama's claim no americans would be kicked off their existing plans. >> let me repeat this.
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. that is the number of people who were able to enroll in insurance plan through the healthcare.gov website on launch day according to documents or war room notes released on thursday night. by the end of the second day only 248 people in the entire country had enrolled even though estimates show 40,000 people in the online waiting room. according to the white house estimate 4.7 unique visitors visited the website wayne the first 24 hours of enrollment. last night the department of health and human services pushed back on the leaked report. speaking to nbc news, "these appear to be notes. they do not include official enrollment statistics. we are focused on providing realable and accurate information and we do not have that at this time. we have always anticipated the pace of enrollment will increase throughout the enrollment period. joining us now is melissa harris-perry with her economist show. >> i'm supposed to speak to this question about whether it was six people or 250. i have no idea how many people signed up. >> here is a theory i'm floating. they should just say, how do these six people get
the failure of the launch of healthcare.gov was a long time coming. according to new reports from the "wall street journal" and "washington post," implementation of the affordable care act plagued by fragmented management that saw several government agencies overseeing different parts of the law without a single point person. david cutler, harvard professor and former presidential adviser. they were running the biggest startup in the world and they didn't have anyone who had run a startup or a business. it wasn't only mismanagement that doomd doomed the rollout, fear of republican sabotage and concerns over the 2012 election set the disaster two years before the site launched. "washington post" reports the white house slowed down important regulations that had been drafted months earlier, to wait until just months after president obama's election. medicare's top risk analyst, it was the president's most significant domestic policy achievement and the very aides that pushed the law through congress were risking bad implementation for a short-term political gain. regarding the presi
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)